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(n) A god figure to many, a myth to some. Origionating from an extremely aptly rated movie from the 70's featuring Sean Connery.

Zardoz is most often associated with complete randomness and strobing flashes of various colors of light. Association with Zardoz may result in blindness, death, or loss of virginity.

One thing's for certain, Zardoz needs moar recognition.

*not to be compared with Weegee
"Zardoz created God, then Zardoz re created man. ZARDOZ" - ZARDOZ, the Movie
by Dongles "the shovel" hungry November 11, 2010
The king of all ice based puns

Definitely deserves more recognition.

A close relative to "How ice of you to..." which is also great
Person 1 knocks on person 2's door
Person 2: Oh, hey man
Person 1: ICE to see you!
Person 2: oh, cool.

Life goes on
by Dongles "The Shovel" Hungry January 07, 2011
A way of telling someone they are wrong, or declaring a conversation over.

Inspiration taken from "you dont have a leg to stand on"

Emphasis is to be put on the word head, and lesser emphasis is to be put on the words stand.

Proper execution: "You dont have a HEAD, to STAND on."
Person 1: So, I saw your brother out walking your dog earlier.
Person 2: we dont have a dog.
Person 1: I definitely saw your brother with a dog.
Person 2: Dude, we dont have a dog.
Person 1: Maybe he was walking someone else's dog.
Person 2: You're wrong.
Person 1: You dont have a HEAD to stand on!
Person 2: ...alright fine, maybe we got a dog this morning.
by Dongles "The Shovel" Hungry January 07, 2011

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