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Short for Downs-Syndrome. A word commonly used to describe someone portraying the traits of a kid with Downs-Syndrome. such traits include drooling all over yourself, folded ears, or just plain being retarded.
"Dude you have fuckin' downs."
by Donald Rumsfeld January 17, 2006
a horrible flirt with the ladies. spanish boys just dont get it.........
beto chavez was flirting with pich so they fucked each other.
by donald rumsfeld October 19, 2003
keevan is a bronze dragon rider who is in 8th grader at walden.
someone asspounded the bronze dragons and patches last night! it must have been keevan
by donald rumsfeld October 23, 2003
boy with pubes on head who pounds ass all day.
pich gave sean hed for 10 cents in prairies bathroom!
by donald rumsfeld October 19, 2003

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