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4 definitions by Donald Ronald Donaldson

A well-respected investment bank that provides financial services.
You need to diversify yo' bonds, nigga!

- Wu Tang Financial
by Donald Ronald Donaldson April 28, 2006
In a recent magazine article on the top 10 party schools, editors decided not to include URI because it would be wrong to put a professional on a list of amateurs.
by Donald Ronald Donaldson April 30, 2006
Also known as Tel Aviv.
Steve Irwin: Here we spot a jew in his natural habitat, west palm beach!
by Donald Ronald Donaldson May 15, 2006
A game you will play for about a week, until you either get incredibly bored by the lack of things to do or you run into a moderator with PMS.
Nationstates is also known for its spam aimed at recruiting people to join stagnant or flash-in-the-pan regions.
by Donald Ronald Donaldson April 30, 2006