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A phrase used when you will not be attending a wedding knowing the marriage will end in divorce.
"Yo you going to Bethany and Skiba's wedding?"

"Naw I'm gonna RSVP the Divorce."
by DonKehote August 20, 2011
Another name for your cock, dick, or penis.
:Jared: You see that broad across the room? She is too fine!

:Kevin: HELL YEAH! My navigation arrow is telling me to head straight for her spot.
by DonKehote August 28, 2011
To grab, obtain, or have something of desired personal want.
" Yo Kev lemme grip that remote for a sec."

by DonKehote August 30, 2011
A medium attractive woman who walks around in public with little regard to what she wears as to attract as much attention from men as possible.
Michael: Yo you remember that chick I met the other day?

Kevin: What you mean the one that had her tits and asshole almost hanging out that sucked you off in the bathroom?

Michael: Yep!

Kevin: Haha yeah I remember that Hot Dog Struttin Flooze!
by DonKehote August 16, 2011
Complete and utter bullshit to the point of absurdity.
Cop: License and registration!

Driver: Officer I was only going 10 over the speed limit I swear!

Cop: That's Bellshit I clocked you traveling 22 over as soon as you crested the hill!
by DonKehote August 16, 2011

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