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Slang: British Female that behaves without normal feminine grace or decorum. With inhibitions lowered or removed by peer pressure and typically fuelled by alcopops or lager, they are often observed in the vicinity of or within the nightclubs of The North East region of the UK. PPGBs also appear in small groups at the popular cheap European tourist destinations frequented by the British; typically Spanish South Coast, Canary Islands and The Greek Islands.

Their behaviour and actions, which have in the past only been associated with drunken men, are loutish and ill mannered with contempt for other people. PPGBs will happily escalate the slightest minor verbal disagreement to physical assault, resulting in brawling on the ground with no regard for the consequences of their actions. Such situations might occur outside kebab-take away shops late in the evening and will often attract the attention of The Police.

Being overweight is not part of the definition of PPGB, however the attraction to fast food late at night is connected with the PPGBs lifestyle. Those that are overweight will happily display a lardy bottom with a thong and consider this to be a sexual asset. PPGBs may be promiscuous and consider this to be as a result of their popular attractiveness rather than anything else. Often with tattoos and very little cultural awareness they appear below Chav in terms of fashion sense and social skills. Their behaviour is best observed through the safety of the Reality Television documentaries on street violence and programmes of compiled from CCTV captured brawls.

The term "Pit Pony" comes from the North East (UK) coal mining industry and in this context refers to a solid lower working class person with little education.
The stereotype Pit Pony Geezer Bird would be a foul mouthed overweight Northern (UK) female with tattoos and badly beached hair, arguing with nightclub door staff on the street. Her children may have different fathers and be waiting for her return to their local council supplied apartment/flat.
by Don from, August 11, 2007

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