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Fire Department Of New York
9/11/01 "All gave some, some gave all"
by Don Vito Fan Club June 20, 2004
Honey Dipper Dan is a giant mountain main who goes around cleaning outhouses.
Honey Dipper Dan came around to my outhouse and cleaned out all that shit!
by Don Vito Fan Club January 22, 2005
A Dashlight made by "Code 3" for emergency services and other public saftey services. Usually has a five flash mirror and placed on the dashboard of your car.
Code 3 Dashlaser is motha F***in Bright
by Don Vito Fan Club July 16, 2004
See Dashlaser
See Code 3
Dashlaser is Motha F***in Bright!
by Don Vito Fan Club July 17, 2004
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