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3 definitions by Don Smith

Jazz music played with Bluegrass instruments, typically guitar, mandolin, sometimes banjo and flute.
Tony Rice and Peter Rowan played a bunch of Bluegrass tunes but they also played some dawg.
by Don Smith December 05, 2003
15 18
To an extreme degree
Originated in Wayne Maine in 1971 or '72 by probably the Dimitri brothers. Widely used in the Winthrop Maine area at that time and was introduced to Boston by those of us going to college in that area.
We had a wicked good time and the band was wicked loud.
by Don Smith December 05, 2003
2 17
New England expression for wickedstupid.
Can can take this a step futher to say wicked numb.
My God but he is numb.
by Don Smith December 06, 2003
25 100