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n. A fencing technique that combines a lunge (a common offensive footwork) with a fleche (a popular pre-90s footwork that became illegal following the 1988 Seoul Olympics) in order to maximize reach and minimize time of the attack. When properly executed, a flunge can transport a fencer in a distance far greater than any normal footwork would.

The term is in wide use by English-speaking internationl community, but it has yet to be adopted by the Franco-centric authority of the sport.
Just when he thought he was out of distance, his opponent excuted a flunge. He was convinced that it was an illegal fleche, and appealed the ruling.
by Don Saltena April 06, 2006
pr.n. A title given to a fencing referee who exhibits the following characterstics in the best manner among his contemporaries:

A. total impartiality bordering on apathy
B. void of expression and emotion
C. mechanical adherence to published Referee Hand Signal
D. obsessive devotion to pursuit of refereeing
E. current international record holder of the most number of days in a year spent refereeing

The title is unofficially handed down by a representative of the FOC upon positive identification of the ideal candidate in each generation. This gesture is a tribute to Styx and one of its songs' relevance to legitimization of modern fencing referees.
When you can achieve 90-degrees elbow like Mr Roboto, you know you are ready for the next level.

Domo arigato, Mr Roboto...
by Don Saltena April 05, 2006
Marked by or showing distinctive characteristics of a Dote.
That advance-lunge riposte reeked of Doteness.
by Don Saltena April 05, 2006
pr.n. A nickname for a representative of the United States Fencing Officials Commission. Responsible for recruiting, educating, assigning and supervising of all fencing referees under the auspices of the United States Fencing Association.

A head FOC is also known as, "The Principal," in any given tournament.
This decision must be reported to an FOC for evaluation.
by Don Saltena April 05, 2006
A title given to a special breed of modern fencing masters. Unlike past counterparts, they pride themselves in blending with ghetto lifestyle a la boheme. Most distinguishing characteristics of a Dote are his/her unquenchable thirst for knowledge in the matters of the sword, and innate desire for socialization. Dotes can typically be found engaged extensively in on-line activities when off-duty.
You won't win the Old Guard to your side if you insist on being such a Dote.
by Don Saltena April 05, 2006

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