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1.(noun) cowch poh-tay-toe - a water pipe/bong designed with an angled or very low bowl and that is meant to be smoked in a laid back, relaxed position. They are longer bongs with a neck long enough to rest the bowl on your chest while you smoke and the bowl sits low enough and at a proper angle to prevent water from coming up the pipe. Also are usually meant to be lay down as their storage position, which means they are very stable and would be very difficult to tip.

2. The laziest pure glass bong you'll ever use. You have to be a lazy-ass pothead to drop a few hundred bucks on one like I did. Its great for the shit that you know you're gonna have to lie down after smoking, because you really can't spill it and you just lay it down.

3. A lazy son of a bitch that just lays down and watches TV on the couch all day and plays with himself all night in the same spot.
"Dude, my Couch Potato lets me smoke in my recliner while I'm lying back and I can just leave it sitting on my chest after I smoke it!"

"You shouldn't hit your couch potato while you get head from your girlfriend, because her head bobbing is gonna make it a motherfucker to light that bowl."

"My couch potato fits in well with my abstract art collection! I should like another!"

by Don Pablo Escobar April 21, 2008

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