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When something is/was waaaaay more than just poppin'.

To denote that something was the very essence of hype, live, fun, wild, sick, maybe even as a result of being Turnt Up.

Poppin + hippopotamus (cause they are hella' BIG) = Popanopolous (Something that was poppin' off in a BIG way!)
- Shit was straight popanopolous over at Mikes house.

- That nikka Don Deezy keeps things popanopolous all day er' day.
by Don Mudda Skunkin Deezy May 16, 2011
Party Like a Mutha Fucka
"I plamf, therefore I Live."

"I'm about to PLAMF it up!"

"I wanna plamf on a big ol' booty."
by Don Mudda Skunkin Deezy May 18, 2012

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