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Proper defintion:A pasta of North African origin made of crushed and steamed semolina.

A pasta-like food that is not intended for eating, but as a decoration for nagger lips}.
I can't wait to see Channing at lunch... it's couscous day.
by Don King March 15, 2005
Lips so big that they block the entrance of most couscous into the oral cavity. Good entertainment for friends at the lunch table.
You're never actually going to eat any of that couscous with them nagger lips getting in the way.
by Don King March 15, 2005
having a fantastic quality. Likened to eccentric greatness typified by boxing promoter Don King.
The teacher wrote fantagious! on Jimmy's English paper.
by don king April 27, 2004
noun: an event similar to a sausage fest, but instead of having too many guys it has too many transexuals who have changed from female to male
Dude 1: "What was up with that party? It was a total sausage fest, no chicks."
Dude 2: "Did you realize that none of them had any facial hair?"
D1: "I guess... what about it?"
D2: "There WERE chicks at the party, they just had a equipment."
D1: "Gross! Total snausage fest!"
by Don King June 20, 2006

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