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One of the original and now nearly extinct gaming stores that was bought out by and inevitably changed to Game Stop. Only a choice few remain unscathed whilst waiting for their lease to run up under the name funco land where they'll then change it to gamestop.
Fuck Ferris, save Funco.
by Don Johnson April 08, 2005
1. A mid-nineties nickelodeon sitcom about an upper-middle class black family living in Charlotte, North Carolina. It only had a few episodes that were on re-run for years and the only white kid on the show was a nerd that everyone loved to hate.

"hit me, hit me, hit me!"

"Dont hold your brefth"
by Don Johnson April 08, 2005
A last ditch effort of blockbuster's to try and get more business while netflix pwns them. See Jumping the Shark

Universe: I dont give a fuck.
by Don Johnson April 08, 2005
A common nick name and surrogate phrase for the fags in the band fall out boy
"Did you go to fall out boy tonight?"
"No I didnt go to fall out fucking fall out fags"
by Don Johnson April 08, 2005
When a woman has anal sex, there is a chance that she could tear a small hole in her anal wall, over time this hole could widen and allow feces to enter her vagina during deffication. This feces, which comes out the vagina instead of the anus, is know as feashes.
oh my god! I need a gynecologist, there is feashes in my vagina.
by Don Johnson January 06, 2004
A lame-core phrase lame-core girls say at the end of any and all myspace comments/bulletins/what-have-you
Subject: SEX!

Body: Now that I've got your attention, comment on my new pix.

by Don Johnson April 08, 2005
One of the most disrespectful and demeaning insults one can say.
"You Gaydos ass mothafucka"
by Don Johnson April 08, 2005
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