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Term for a white Arab
Timmy over there think he an Egyptian or summin. Damn warab.
by Don Jaime October 16, 2003
As implicated by the Chronic Album in The 20 Dollar Sac Pyramid, it is an alternative term for Marijuana, just as is Buddha or N-Do. Nonetheless, it can be used as an expression for Marijuana of compromised quality, hence having magic-like effects.
Damn E, dat hocus pocus got me trippin like a Mo Fo.
by Don Jaime October 15, 2003
Reference for an individual, normally a brotha, whose copulatory organ is resemblant of that of a stallion, mule, donkey, or most any other large, robust quadripedal mammalian vertebrate.
Jigga Stal impaled on dat bussay last wit dat 9.
by Don Jaime October 16, 2003
A phoenitic blunder in pronouncing the word Ass.
Yo' Stal, dat dime pief ova der got a big AAAAAAAf
by Don Jaime October 15, 2003

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