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20 definitions by Don Gulliver

when this term is applied to someone, it implys that they are a bit of a slut, in that they are good at hiding sausages (cocks) somewhere inside. Tis' a good payout for someones mum.
Peter's mum is good at hiding sausages
by Don Gulliver April 07, 2003
when a preist wears sandles like jesus used too, you call them air bethlehem.
Have you seen father tony's new air bethlehems?
by Don Gulliver May 16, 2003
a grundle sausage is a penis when it is in an anus of another being.
At school two guys were talking about giving one another a grundle sausage, i thought they were talking about some gourmet food until i found out they were gay.
by Don Gulliver May 08, 2003
its when ur get so cold your nuts shrink and schwrivel up.
look at how small that guys sack is!!!
"shutup i have got a nut freeze"
"sure you do, HAHAHHA"
by Don Gulliver April 05, 2003
this is also called pubic fat, where someone has excess fat in their genital region giving their privates the appearance of a beer gut.
I thought my girl friend was skinny until i saw her naked and realised she had an undy roll
by Don Gulliver May 08, 2003
a little chipper is a baby's vagina, which looks like it has been chipped
Dude, that baby must have been a girl cause it had a little chipper
by Don Gulliver May 05, 2003
if u get an icey from someone it involves them putting two spoons in the freezer until they get icey and then they put each spoon on one of your nuts and they laugh in amazement as you get a nut freeze.
I gave this guy an icey and his nuts shrunk up so bad they went inside him
by Don Gulliver April 05, 2003