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A french slang for "hustla"or "thug".
The racailles come from da french ghettoS where they spend a hard knock life with their families and homies.
A racaille is often more dangerous than an amrican gangsta because they all keep training (boxing...) in or out of the french prisons. They live a real ghetto soldier life.
"hey George, don't take this way, there're a lot of racailles who control this area"
by Don Gizzzzle April 29, 2007
Arabic slang for "weed", use by french drug dealaz.
"want some pure shit ? i got som bomb azz zetla for you dude"
by Don Gizzzzle May 26, 2007
someone who's addicted wit lowridaz who can't live without
"quiero mi ranfra como quiero mi hyna!" "shizzle holmes you a serious LOWRIDAHOLIC!"
by Don Gizzzzle April 29, 2007
dat's da culture of any chicano, mexican livin' america.
the chicano arte is rich, this is approximately the north mexican culture,
it is a mix of the catholic culture and the aztek mentality.
"El Arte" is composed of the Lowrider Lifestyle, the art of the Graffiti and many more...
"hey hermano, whatchu do man? respect da Arte !"
"we lowride, we smoke, we paint da walls, dat's da chicano Arte"
by Don Gizzzzle April 29, 2007
A Ranfra is a mexican slang for Lowrider.
"any real 13 Gz ryde ina ranfra"
"podemos abajar y hacer saltar el ranfra amigo, you see?"
by Don Gizzzzle April 29, 2007
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