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When you are literally scared to death to check your voice mail because you feel you are certain there is bad news in your voice-mail you do not want to hear or do not want to confront.
Elena: "Uncle Carmine have you checked your voice mail? I can't leave you any more voice mails because your mail box is full!"

Uncle Carmine: "No Elena I have not as I have been diagnosed with Voice Mail Phobia"
by Don Gesu (Zio Carmine) November 03, 2010
Former wrestler and now actor The Rock coined the phrase "you smell what I am cooking"? when he would try to intimidate his opponent it was his "hook" after talking trash. It can be defined as the following:

1) Do you know my intentions?
2) Do you realize the impact of my actions?
3) Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth
4) Do you smell what I ate recently, as I just farted?
Joe Blow: Hey Joey if you fart again in the car again I'm going to beat you down!

Joey BagOfDoughnuts: Ah I see you smell what I'm cookin'?

Joe Blow: No, but you're going to smell what I'm cooking when i leave you for dead at the next traffic light!
by Don Gesu (Zio Carmine) January 20, 2011
When cursing is unacceptable because you're either at church or at a business meeting or among mixed company or you want your underage kids to use a curse word and the verb or noun mother fucker needs to be used you can you mofackle instead.
Confession to Priest: Forgive me father, for i have been a bad mofackle!

In anger: You are on dumb mofackle!

Son: Daddy that mother fucker almost hit us running that red light!

Dad: I know son but please use mofackle instead!
by Don Gesu (Zio Carmine) October 05, 2010
When a person or customer befriends you only to milk IT support (technical support or help desk type activities) from you. Much like a booty call except here the person is just using the other person for technical support and no actual booty or the like is exchanged. In this case it is apparent that the relationship is just to get easy access to technical help when the calls or instant messages always lead to: "Can you fix my printer or my internet is down can you help me?"
Kim: "Hey Carmelo how are you?"
Carmelo: "Hey Kim, I'm fine, how are you?" How was your weekend?"
Kim: "My weekend was fine thank you, but listen i need your help, I can't print and you always fix it faster than anyone else can you help me?"
Carmelo says to self: "why does she only call me to fix her computer problems?"
Johnny: Bro why do you always fall for the IT support booty call, you know she really doesn't like you right?

The next call starts the same way but leads to another IT (no) booty call!
by Don Gesu (Zio Carmine) January 20, 2011
To show that one is really close to you to the point that he is your brother. To emphasize this relationship you may be tempted to use the commonly used your my mutha fucking brother bro but using brofackle actually has the same affect and not intimidating listeners or others who may be offended when you use swear words. Not only does this keep the atmosphere politically correct but also reduces the use of 3 words to 1. So replace Mutha Fucking Brutha with Brofackle.
Terry: You know what Tyrone?
Tyrone: What Terry?
Terry: Thanks for the gift man, you know you're my Brofackle, right?
Tyrone: Yeah mofackle, you're my mofackle.
by Don Gesu (Zio Carmine) October 05, 2010

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