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2 definitions by Don Deago

UFO Phil was born Phil Hill in the early 1970s in a farm area northwest of Roswell, NM.
UFO Phil began being abducted by aliens in 1972. They implanted him with a small chip, lending him a heightened musical ability. Phil says he didn't notice the talent at first. But, after years of strenuous study and practice on several musical instruments, it became clear to him. Phil now knows his abductors wanted him to spread their message through music.
Phil left the Roswell area years ago. His home had ended up on some map of important UFO locations and he grew tired of the constant visitors asking questions. Fortunately, after many years of selling UFO debris out of his garage, Phil saved enough money to build a house far away from his previous life. He now lives in relative peace and seclusion behind the fence of a military-style bunker at an undisclosed location.
UFO Phil can be heard on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. UFO Phil recorded the song "Listening to Coast to Coast" played on the show.
by Don Deago October 05, 2009
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Doc the Gaffer is an entertainment news commentator, spokes model and a lifelong slave to the entertainment industry. His website IntheBackRow.com was launched in 1998 as a place for movie fanatics by movie fanatics. Originally from Long Beach, California and impassioned by film and theatre Doc attended UCLA film school in 1995. It is rumored that while helping edit John Singleton's Higher Learning, Doc inserted footage of UCLA men’s basketball coach Jim Harrick with a secretary from the athletic department. Soon after the incident both Doc and Harrick were asked to leave. In 1996 Doc found work as a projectionist for AMC Theatres and later became the manager of two megaplexs. In 2005 still wanting to make movies rather than screen them for others, Doc returned to the motion picture business. In 2008 Doc received an offer from an old high school friend Les Michaels to help with a documentary about legendary radio personality UFO Phil. Doc moved from California to Spokane Washington to work on the project. After arriving he found himself acting as co-host for a live web cast UFO Phil Live from the Bunker. Shortly after the UFO Phil movie finished shooting the bunker was heavily damaged by snow and was abandoned. Doc continues to reside in Spokane, Washington and hosts his own live webcast In the Back Row.
Doc the Gaffer hosts In the Back Row Live Every Thursday Night at 10 PM PST
by Don Deago October 05, 2009
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