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(Gets to stepping)

Get out of here- leave the premises.
Kindly remove yourselves.
You put out.
I'm tired of your worthless ass eating up all my Pringles- you better gets ta steppin'.

This Club done closed up half and hour ago- y'all better gets ta steppin'.
by Don Ameche July 25, 2006
What you see when you are sleeping, or in a state of near sleep.
1. Where's Dave?
He went upstairs to watch eyelid movies.

2. Hey, man! You better watch yourself! The boss just
cruised through and you was watching eyelid movies!
by Don Ameche October 15, 2006
What San Diego should say to its football team.
They want us to buy them a WHAT? CHUCK the Fargers!
by Don Ameche July 05, 2006

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