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" Love is an emotional feeling, which depends of us, and not of the person we love "

Friendship = Love, even though we don't really understand it.

Love, To love, To Be Loved, Being In Love, I Love You ... INFINITY !

Love ≠ Passion ! Love = Friendship ! Not many people understand it, but the real definition is : Sentimental feeling towards a friend, brings love for ever, sentimental feeling towards a person, brings hate for the whole life ... Passion disappears and creates hatred !
You don't love a person because she/he is beautiful ... The person is beautiful because you love her/him !

Love has many different synonyms, such as : affection amity amorousness amour appreciation enjoyment happiness fidelity like sentiment respect worship and mostly WEAKNESS

Antonyms are in great number also, but the most sensual are : dislike hate hatred
by Don - Juan May 28, 2010
Disease putting you in a great need for kisses. Most of the time girls get it in night ... 11:30 pm is the exact time !
Polina is having bisoumania right now ... Someone should kiss her otherwise it would get 10000 worst !
by Don - Juan January 07, 2011

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