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A rapper's source of power. The sunlight to his birdman. Without a chain of platinum/gold/diamonds/bones, a rapper sloses his ability to drop tight flows over phat beats. The is an absolute necessity, and its importance should not be taken lightly.
Ludacris once said, "Some people ask why there's a skull on my chain, it's 'cause I LOVE gettin' head."
by Don "Magic" Juan June 08, 2006
A spritual being with such a strong grasp on the concept of "The Pimpin'" that he has reached the status of a Deity.
Pimpasaurus has such an uncanny knack for The Pimpin', he can turn any woman into a hoe simply by blinking in the direction they are from him. THAT is Pimpin'.
by Don "Magic" Juan June 08, 2006

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