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Abbrieviation of "Priestess of The Moon".
A Night Elf hero character famous for the skill, Starfall.
In melee and DotA alike POTM fucks with opposing teams when played and built correctly.
Duc Huy: "Fuck, Slice can really play POTM good. His arrows and Starfall totally fuck with my Abaddon's shield."
by Don(nie) March 08, 2009
Short for "Almost 9000".

Not as high as Goku's power level.
Nappa "Vegeta, what does the scouter say?"
Vegeta "Over 9000!"
Nappa "Something's wrong, mine says a9k"
by Don(nie) March 08, 2009
Some retard sound those few idiots make- A variation of a laughing tone when someone gets owned.
Bread: "Man.. my internet is offline"
Duc Edison Louis Huy Vu: "Uahh Uahh"
Bread: "Retard"
by Don(nie) March 08, 2009
Ice tea, owned by Slice.
Slice's friend (Duc Huy Edison): "Man, I'm thirsty, gimme some of that Slice Tea."
by Don(nie) March 08, 2009
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