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1 definition by Don't Let Others Define You

A Poseur Punk (commonly misspelled Poser Punk) is somebody who labels themselves Punk and tries to keep up with a modern definition of Punk, and may change his/her style to fit in. Punk is supposed to be about being yourself, and not trying to be 'trendy'. People think that the way somebody dresses or the music they listen to defines them and defines punk, but punk is about individuality and being comfortable with yourself. Usually, people who label others or themselves would be considered the actual Poseurs.

Person 1: Oh my god! That person of there wishes they were punk, but they are just Poseur Punk. They shop at Hot Topic and listen to blink182!

Person 2: Get your own ideas, you loser. I'm not trying to be anything.
by Don't Let Others Define You February 27, 2009