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2 definitions by Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

1. A "job" refers to productive labors that fulfill a necessary societal role, provide the individual with a sense of self-worth, and often a livelihood. Jobs are subject matter for reflection upon the blessings and bounty with which we are all provided.

2. A "job" is fundamental human bondage that wastes time and resources in tasks that would more wisely not be done at all. It degrades self-worth, creates anger and hatred, sometimes enough to cause violence and crime, and endangers the life and health of the bystander and of the "employed".
I love my job! It makes me feel needed. I'll save up for a place of my own, then, maybe, you know, buy her the ring. :D
Yeah, I got a job alright! The 'trainer' put me on a line, wouldn't give me safety equipment, doesn't answer my questions, and calls me names a lot. He said the plant is just there to lose money. I walked out.
by Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood November 25, 2010
"The Game" is an abbreviation for "The Real Game."

The Real Game's object is not to win. The Real Game is conceived to propagate peace, cooperation, mutual esteem, the egalitarian and the fraternal spirit. By trying to win, one loses, but by not contending, one wins.
person 1: "I just thought of the game!"

person 2: "Oh, good."

person 1: "Hey, you're supposed to say you lost, I made you think of the game."

person 2: "I thought you meant The Real Game."

person 1: "I just thought of the game!"

person 2: "Oh, no! Now I've thought of the game too. I lost!"

person 1: "I meant The Real Game."

person 2: "Oh, thanks, brother, good game."
by Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood December 14, 2010