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To be used in substitution for "ha ha"
Johns pants fall down.
by Don March 22, 2003
the opposie of pear someone with much larger upper body than lower body, may have turkey legs
sam you are such a funnel, your leg remind me of a turkey
by don May 31, 2004
The sound made when u cut someone deeeeeppp; relating to how to get dat papa, pht is used for people who need to get sliced n' diced with everything nice
"ahhh pht u good!" said Bobby, as he cut the shit out of Tom.
by DON May 30, 2004
A company that rocks, on the cutting edge of research and development.
* Idiots Bitch Mercilessly (about IBM's dominance)
* It's Bill (gates), Motherfucker!
* Inventiveness, Brains, and Moxie
* I Blast Mutha Fuckas
IBM rocks.
by Don September 13, 2002
Having one testicle inside of the scrotum instead of having the usual two. This normally produces half the amount of semen as having two.
Dave lost his testicle in an accident so he then had a uniball
by Don March 20, 2003
When a woman with a very loose vagina places her twat on a man's face so that he can't breath.
Roeland's mom Barbed Cal, when they were going at it last night.
by Don March 20, 2003
DQ: An acronym used by staff in long-term medical facilities (care centers) for Decubitus Ulcers.

Commonly known as Bedsores, these pernicious, open wounds are usually found on the buttocks or hips of decrepit, (incontinent), often senile old people in rest homes.

DQ: An acronym use by Dairy Queen as a brand label for some hamburgers and other foods.
“After I clean up the shit and piss off Mr. Simmons, and finish treating his oozing, malodorous DQ on his ass, I want to go to Dairy Queen for a DQ Burger, DQ Fries and a Blizzard. Mm, mm, mh”
by Don August 13, 2004

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