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A phrase used when Referring to yourself and or a group of people or friends.
MeandMah can also be used as a threat or when trying to make someone laugh.
In unforgivable, Orpheus said, " I went to the mall the other day to get some pants for MeandMah friends."

by Don Lee January 16, 2008
A name given to someone who teaches with anger problems. A mooby is somebody who cant control their anger and will yell tell their throat and lungs hurt. Mooby's usually always either have to scream, yell, shout, and to some extent think their a BAMF Gangster. A Moobys blood pressure goes to unheard of highs. A mooby usually has excessive anger problems. The best option is to avoid a Mooby or Moobys at all cost.
In teched Mooby yelled, " Eric! Turn that machine OFF!"
by Don Lee January 16, 2008
A type of hug, when one has the balls to hug an Alabamian man bear. A bear hug is usually said and accomplished when the Alabamian is either annoying you and or you want to seek revenge on him.
To accomplish a bear hug one must sneak up behind the Alabamian and wrap their arms around the Alabamian Man Bear. Once doing so you must say BEAR HUG!

In math class Josh bear huged Edwards.
by Don Lee January 16, 2008

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