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Ruthie Bobby:

Definition 1: The girl version of Ricky Bobby. She always makes jokes. Often doesn't know what's going on. Drives a race car.

Definition 2: Hardcore dizzle maker.

Definition 3: Someone who calls everyone gay, queer, or lesbian.

Definition 4: Likes to pretend that she is deaf.

She shouldn't be fed after dark.

person 1: "I saw Ruthie Bobby last night making dizzles at the gay bar."

person 2: "i thought she didn't like the gays..."

Person 1: "Oh no, she likes em. She goes there to make fun of them. Plus its the best place to make dizzles.

Person 2: "Wow, that Ruthie Bobby sure is talented. A dizzle maker and a race car driver...it doesn't get any gayer than that!"
#bobby #ruthie #dizzles #dizzler #hardcore #ricky bobby.
by Domopuss January 09, 2011
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