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2 definitions by Dominus Nocti

V./ N.
V.= when a thick substance(usually the consistancy of cool ketchup) spills and quickly stains.
N.= The chunky stain resulting from the verb form of this word.
V.= "Oh Shitake! this thing just splurgled the ketchup all over me!"
N.= "This bites, ive got a soda splurgel on my new shirt."
by Dominus Nocti February 15, 2005
N. A person who is exceptiopnally anoying and repedative.
Comming from the germantranslation of the english phrase "Anal-dwelling butt-monkey"
"Go away, you analar-wonungskolbenaffe!!!!!!!"
by Dominus Nocti February 15, 2005