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A game made by Enix for PS one. It includes voices and graphics. A remake of the game was made for PSP.
"Whatcha doing to-day?"

"Playing Valkyrie Profile"

#lenneth #slimeria #enix #play station #psp
by Domiblue January 04, 2008
A person who finds shims phisically attractive.

Usually used when refereing to shims from video games.
Laura: "Leo from Tekken 6 is hot!"
Claudia: "Shim"
Laura: "Zac Effron is Hot!"
Claudia: "Shim"
Laura: "Chad Michael Murray is Hot"
Claudia: "Shim"
Laura: "Tidus from Final Fantasy X is Hot"
Claudia: "Shim"
Laura: "OMG!"
Clauda: "sh- I mean, what?"
Laura: "I think I'm a shimoholic..."
Claudia: "Now where would you get THAT from!?"
Laura: "I know, right? They're all HOT!"
#shim #shimoholic #gay #hot #shims
by domiblue March 02, 2008
Jade From Sweetbox (Now gone "out of the box" and called Jade Valerie). She is known for the english versions of "1000 Words" and "Real Emotion" (which are made by Koda Kumi)which are included in Final Fantasy X-2. She sings pop music in english. Some other common tittles are "Everything is gonna be alright" and "Lighter shade of blue".

There is an upcoming CD this year!
some lyrics from sweetbox

"And Oh, I Know, the world of real emotion has surrounded me, I won't give into it..."

"What can I do for you?"

"1000 words, have never been spoken"

"I know that you're hiding things, using gentle words to shelter me. Your words were like a dream, but dreams could never fool me, not that easily"
#ffx-2 #ffx #final fantasy #final fantasy x #final fantasy x-2 #jade from sweetbox #koda kumi #jade valerie #1000 words #one thousand words #real emotion #sweetbox
by domiblue March 02, 2008
Expression you make when you are really lazy. Usually taken as a negative answer towards a requested action.

Mueh stands for "I'm too lazy, too busy, or I just don't care enough about it to do it"
Are you doing the chem paper?


yeah, that's what I thought...
#mueh #lazy #careless #no #busy
by Domiblue February 10, 2008
a direct translation made by the stand up comedian Andres Lopez (Colombian) who is responsable for The ball of letters (La pelota de letras) and I want the window (Me pido la ventana).
Between, drink a chair -> "Entre, tome aciento"

Let it be -> "Deje asi!"
#let it be #deje asi #andres lopez #me pido la ventana #i want the window #ball of letters #pelota de letras
by Domiblue February 11, 2008
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