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Dominican greeting.

1. What's up
Guy 1: Que lo que loco.
Guy 2: Nah, aqui chillin, tu sabe como es.
by Domexicano March 15, 2005
Dominican word which can mean anything you want it to be. It is basically the equivalent of thing, but is used much more often.
Loco, pasame esa baina. Tengo que ir y hacer un paqueton de bainas.
by Domexicano March 15, 2005
Dominican slang which is used as a greeting. Can also be used as 'what?'.

1. Hey
2. What's up?
3. What's good.
4. What?
Spanish Guy:Yo Julio!
Julio: Dimelo.
by Domexicano March 15, 2005
Domincan word for someone who is a chump. Usually this person is also bad with the ladies.
Julio: Loco, viste a ese tipo tratando de bajaserlo a esa tipa?
Pancho: Si loco, ese tipo un pariguayo.
by Domexicano March 17, 2005
Usually used when you do something hot against another term. It can be used in sports when you do an excellent move against someone.
You dunk on someone in a basketball game. Yell at the guy "Holdat!".
by Domexicano March 16, 2005
Someone who tries to steal your business by offering the same service/product for less money.
Javi Rox: Yo, I got these cheeseburgers! I sell them to you for a dollar!
Jay Nyce: I got those same cheesburgers for 50 cent!
Javi Rox: I hate that motherfuckin undercutter.
by Domexicano March 17, 2005
Dominican slang that means garbage ass mofucker. Usually denotes people who lack the skill necessary for a particular task.
Ese tipo Voltio es un muerto rapiando.
by Domexicano March 17, 2005

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