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2 definitions by Domaku

An Xbox LIVE Gamertag of the Faggityest kid on the Earth.
Has divorced Parents, 5 Brothers/sisters
Real Name: Junate Perly
He sounds like someone jumping on a dead cat.
Constantly Screams about his Brothers and sisters getting in and out of his room.
Closest Friends: BIGbird 856, Domaku, Waffle Smoker

He is a total Quier and likes to be Oil Checked.
Coach: Hey Todd.
Todd: Yeah.
Coach: Some of the other players said you were acting like Perlyman

Todd: Oh sorry, I must have dropped the soap.
by Domaku August 24, 2009
A blooming teenager that has finally hit puberty, he yells alot and screams at people for no reason. His background on his Ipod is that of a blue waffle. Sounds like a kid who happened to come across a deep voiced man when he entered high school. He plays World of Warcraft 24 / 7. He has no life outside of his house.
Pdog for life: Bigbird!!! You whine and complain to much! Now freaking use Arcane Intelligence.
by Domaku July 16, 2010