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Your 2005-2006 NBA Champions. True the Heat were eliminated by the Knickershitters in 99 in a 1 vs 8 matchup but it doesn't matter because Zo and Riles got the last laugh motherfuckers. How many Larry O'Brien trophies have Patrick Ewing, Allan Houston, Larry Johnson, Marcus Camby and the rest of them hoisted over their heads? Yeah that's what I thought bitches. Of course the Knicks have a bright future to look forward to, oh wait no they don't! They traded the 2nd pick of this year's draft for a center with 2 heart defects who can't rebound, The Bulls have the option to swap picks with them next year, they're in salary cap hell, and Isiah Thomas is the worst GM ever and a mediocre coach. Any team with Shitbury sucks until he leaves.
The Miami Heat own the Knickershitters and it'll be at least 30 more years until the Knickershitters win an NBA title.
by Dolphins > Jets too August 11, 2006

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