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1. One of the most beautiful and fun-loving creatures of the sea. Dolphins are not only social and sweet, but possess an incredible intellect. It's always exciting when you spot a school of dolphins playfully leaping across the sea. It's as if they are popping up to say a quick hello to their friends on land. If your truly lucky, one day while sitting on the beach, you might catch a restless dolphin coming close to the beach to put on one flippin' flying fantastic show. It's one unforgettable moment, a true gift from nature.

2. Dolphins are also the beautiful PEOPLE in this world that share the same traits as the dolphins of the sea. They are friendly, fun-loving and playful. The kind of people others are drawn to and love to be around. Intelligent and insightful, it's simply part of their nature to treat people, from all walks of life, despite of social status, with equal kindness and respect. Just like sea Dolphins, they possess a hidden weapon, they can fight like warriors. So beware vicious predators never underestimate or threaten a dolphin, because they can take you out with a bite that makes a Great White attack look like a little nibble.
Did you see that Dolphin just leap 15 feet out of the water and do a full flip? Amazing how nature can sometimes leap out of nowhere and humble us. I love Dolphins.

He's is just like a dolphin, fun, playful, kind and really smart! Don't be a dick and try to take advantage of him or think he can be screw with, because if given reason, he can take you out quicker then a shark.
by DolphinDollAgain November 20, 2009

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