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That magical place in every town usually found on a corner

that provides the medicinal use of alcoholic elixers and tonics (usually mixed with Tanguray or Bombay). A great place to take a vodkation or have a tequila slammer. If you need a cure for life stop at the Barmacy.
I needed a vodkation so I stopped at the barmacy and magically my stress was cured. Did you see that HAWT chick Dollie at the Barmacy last night, she was completely carefree and drinking a fruity vodka.
by Dollie Pop July 31, 2011
mellow , laid back, low key bish, no matter how much you provoke them you cannot make a MEL person angry
Melody was so MEL everyone called her a MELOBISH because nothing made her angry , you could not piss her off no matter what you did
by Dollie Pop November 21, 2011
When you pour a delicious pitcher of miller lite down an ass crack and the beer mixes with booty juices to form a special sauce and you guzzle it down,frequently a Friday night practice in Southern California bars , sometimes getting a snuff crut stuck in your throat .
Rob choked on a snuff crut while doing a Calishot at the barmacy.
Rob choked on a snuff crut while doing a Calishot at the barmacy while on vacation in LA.
by Dollie Pop January 13, 2012
A crappy cordless phone used in the hospital setting given to staff to communicate with each other and other departments. It is very expensive, loses signal frequently, has an extremely short battery life, drops calls and is always static-y. You can never understand a full conservation when on an Ascom phone.
An ER doctor ripped the pharmacy staff new assholes when the ASCOM PHONE hung up on the doctor while he was trying to give a heparin order
by Dollie Pop November 24, 2011
eating dinner ( specifically some type of pasta with garlic bread ) for breakfast
After a rockin night at the barmacy, the next morning Dollie "Pulling a Picosa " had spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread at 6am.
by Dollie Pop October 29, 2011

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