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When the asshole of a freshly fucked butt is so stretched out and loose, gape tape is applied to seal off the brown stink hole from leaking feces and other anal contaminants. It is often used as an adhesive of sorts for whores, sluts, pornstars, and anal explorers from all walks of life.
Dude, Sasha has been taking it up the dumper so damn much that her Doctor made her start wearing gape tape to keep that treacherous hole from leaking shit everywhere.
by Dollabillz February 07, 2014
An individual who consumes disgusting amounts of coffee to appear "hip" while also pointing out the grammar mistakes in the facebook wall posts of others. And they refuse to wear shoes inside of restaurants and other areas in the public sphere. Also, personal hygiene is not one of their strong points.
Guy 1: Dude, Whittney pointed out my bad grammar on facebook.
Guy 2: Don't worry, she's just a coffee-loving grammar-nazi hippie.
by DollaBillz October 28, 2007

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