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One who is extremely obsessed with baking soda and cant get enough of it!
Some kid named Amanda:Hey, why are you eating that box of baking soda?

Some guy named Jerome:I dont know, its just..good! I cant get enough. I'm a baking soda addict!

Some dude named Josh:Well hand that baking soda over, i want some!

*Some guy named Jerome pours baking soda in some dude named Josh`s hands as if they were sharing chips*

What a shame..
by Doll Face August 18, 2006
Its when something doesnt go as planned or when your plans and or relationships or friendships get fucked off due to sex drugs or money. Sex drugs and money being the "game" and because people do things they wouldn't normally do when these things are involved.
Rocco took garys car from him last night. I heard it was because gary gave roccos girlfriend ecstacy and tried to fuck her. He better chalk it up to the game.Hes never gonna get that car back.
by doll face November 16, 2013

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