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A muffin including unstable properties which kicks fucking ass. Unfortunatley, it has side affects including paranoia, dillusion, and downright insanity. They only way you can avoid these side-affects is if you are a pothead. But this is not safe either, because hardcore muffins give potheads horrible seizures and braindamage similair to that caused by acid.
Fred: Hello Rob. Hello Kevin.
Rob: Hello Fred. Hello Kevin.
Kevin: Hardcore muffins.
by Dole November 08, 2004
The girlfriend of a bassist.
My bassblower sucked me off last night while I was playing my bass guitar.
by Dole November 08, 2004
Someone that licks balls. When holding the shaft of the penis up to lick balls, it looks like a snorkel.
Me: dude that chick blew me last week.

Friend: no way! Did she dick snorkel you?
by dole September 24, 2013
A person or thing who/that is a total shitfucking son of a bitch. Usually used for someone like a prep, jock, "ghetto" faggot. Some of these people are cool, but a lot of them are mofoguys. Some may think because it has "mofo" in it it means motherfuck. This is not correct.
Lookit that mofoguy with his two inch dick. He a real assmunch.
by Dole November 08, 2004
Imaginary city in Alaska
Shnof Shnof Shnof Shnof Shnof
by Dole November 07, 2004
What a stupid thing to say
"willy nilly"
by Dole November 10, 2003

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