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49 definitions by Doggie Dogster

The year England won the World Cup. Ingurland!!
England won the World Cup in 1966. They beat West Germany 4-2 at Wembley Stadium. They think it's all is now!
by Doggie Dogster April 05, 2006
142 73
Popular Brit vernacular used when you just can't face taking part in something. First used in days of yore when people sat at the sides to miss a particular dance. Now it's used to skip meetings, when you're too drunk to dance with an ugly woman, or maybe skipping out on a party you know will suck weapon's grade ass.
"Dave, are you coming to Mike's birthday tonight?"
"Sorry mate, but he's a friendless loser, and I shagged his girlfriend. I think I'll Sit this one out, if that's alright with you".
"No worries fella."
by Doggie Dogster March 29, 2006
73 9
adj. Completely, utterly, absolutely ordinary in every way. British slang.
"Dave drives a totally bog standard Escort. Not even aircon. Dave is a cheap bastard."
by Doggie Dogster April 18, 2006
81 19
n. Affectionate slang for an unborn baby. We've used it in our family for a while - it's a distortion of the German word "merckle" which means "little creature". My family tend to mash words horribly, hence Merckle became Mookler! We also shorten to "Mook", although I know that's a Brooklyn wise-guy!
"How's Mookler doing?"
"Great - she just kicked me in the ribs!".
by Doggie Dogster February 08, 2006
70 12
adj. Describes turning up en masse, usually in preparation for trouble like kicking the crap out of some other guys, or as a safety in numbers precaution to prevent exactly that. Also applies in work life, when you call a meeting and some dipshit brings 10 buddies, or you throw a party and some utter loser...brings 10 buddies.
"Fuck me if Chopper didn't turn up at the Red Lion mob handed last night looking to get even with Frankie Four Inches. By Last Orders no cunt was left standing in the place. Fucking carnage"
by Doggie Dogster February 26, 2006
68 11
n. When you're dating someone but, frankly, there's nothing there. You're just going through the motions, passing the time and waiting for something better to come along. Don't even ask about the sex.
Pete and Jordan don't look too happy together.
Damn right - it's the nomance of the century.
by Doggie Dogster March 22, 2006
67 11
Impressive pad that a single guy - or a rich and sneaky married dude - can whisk a panting paick-up back to for a bit of the old in out in out. Typically has some impressive "views", a fridge full of champagne and no evidence of any priors.
Dave's fucking loaded. He's got a shag palace downtown and fucks like a rabbit there every Friday when he's not at home...with his family.
by Doggie Dogster March 06, 2006
66 10