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A shortened version of Tupac Shakur's (AKA 2Pac, Makaveli, The Don Kiluminati)name, given to him by those who seem to think they knew him as their best friend or something.

Julius/Julie = Jules
Jason = Jase
Johnathan = Johnno
Stacey = Stace
Rebecca = Bec
Bump nines off that purple,
Sittin' on the block.
And when I'm loadin up them clips,
I listen to Pac.
~Wake the Dead - The Game;Doctor's Advocate
by Dogg Tagg November 30, 2006
Police code used for homicide. Commonly used by gangstas and rappers.

Also the name of a racing/action game, "187: Ride or Die",
and the name of a G-Unit remix of Deep Cover by Tony Yayo feat. 50 Cent
Yeah, and ya don't stop
I pull a 187 on yo muthafuckin block
yeah, and ya don't quit
'Cause G-Unit in yo muthafuckin ass bitch
by Dogg Tagg November 29, 2006

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