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To renew past anger.
To get angry or pissed off again when describing or thinking of something that made you angry in the past.
Bob: so what happened to that camera you had?

Biff: ARRGHH!! I TOLD YOU THAT SHIT GOT STOLEN!! I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL... urgh... whatever i don't wanna explain this again, i'm just gonna get all fucking repissed about it.


Buck: I can't believe my landlord last week, fucking calling the cops on us for no reason! shit, i'm getting repissed just thinkin about it

by dogtown February 23, 2008
Mashing of words Incident and didn't.
when some shit almost happened, but didn't.
A situation that could potentially be bad, that turns out ok.
Johhny slips on ice, nearly smashes ipod on the ground, but recovers at the last second: Incididn't.

Dude 1: holy shit! last night i accidentally made dinner plans with two different chicks at the same place!! but one bailed at the last second!!
Dude 2: Shit close call! talk about an incididn't!

Remembering that bag of weed in you jeans pocket seconds before putting them into the wash.

by dogtown February 23, 2008
A Nicholas Cage film (not movie, any movie with Nick Cage is instantly promoted to film) marathon.
Friend 1 : "Damn, I'm so excited for our Cage Match tonight!"

Friend 2: "Yeah! The Wicker Man and Ghost Rider are some of my favourite films!"
by DogTown June 28, 2012
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