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3 definitions by DogTown

To renew past anger.
To get angry or pissed off again when describing or thinking of something that made you angry in the past.
Bob: so what happened to that camera you had?

Biff: ARRGHH!! I TOLD YOU THAT SHIT GOT STOLEN!! I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL... urgh... whatever i don't wanna explain this again, i'm just gonna get all fucking repissed about it.


Buck: I can't believe my landlord last week, fucking calling the cops on us for no reason! shit, i'm getting repissed just thinkin about it

by dogtown February 23, 2008
A Nicholas Cage film (not movie, any movie with Nick Cage is instantly promoted to film) marathon.
Friend 1 : "Damn, I'm so excited for our Cage Match tonight!"

Friend 2: "Yeah! The Wicker Man and Ghost Rider are some of my favourite films!"
by DogTown June 28, 2012
Mashing of words Incident and didn't.
when some shit almost happened, but didn't.
A situation that could potentially be bad, that turns out ok.
Johhny slips on ice, nearly smashes ipod on the ground, but recovers at the last second: Incididn't.

Dude 1: holy shit! last night i accidentally made dinner plans with two different chicks at the same place!! but one bailed at the last second!!
Dude 2: Shit close call! talk about an incididn't!

Remembering that bag of weed in you jeans pocket seconds before putting them into the wash.

by dogtown February 23, 2008