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5 definitions by Dog Fijs

Some one who's fetish is that of the taste of vaginal farts (a.k.a. queefs).
"Gentleman": Oohhh babbbbby lubba licka queef fo me!!!

Stripper (With smokers voice): When do I get paid? Wait, are ya'll some kinda queef licker?
by Dog Fijs March 07, 2011
When a black guys ball hair is in the shape of a fro. And it hurts.
Damn, I gotta comb my Brofrotato, it burns!!!
by Dog Fijs February 08, 2010
The act of being up to no good, usually in a douchebag kind of way.
Dude, he is up to so much Douchebaggery.
by Dog Fijs February 08, 2010
The act of slapping ones testicles in a semi-sexual manor. Bitch.
Oi, I needs to give me big boy bitch a bell-me-balls. Bitch.
by Dog Fijs February 08, 2010
1. When someones balls show up on an X-ray.

2. When the guys testicles are so hard and cold, it could be those of Bill Clinton.
AAAAARGH! Hillary whacked those marble balls!
by Dog Fijs February 08, 2010