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The quality of irritation caused by malfunctioning technology.

It's a modern phenomenon, a vexing emotional state brought on in the era of cellphones, iPods, laptops, and the need for four remotes when watching television.

Otherwise good and easygoing people morph into wickedness, profanity and despair when they enter the wired darkness that descends when they feel irriteched.
Sam was irriteched when his files failed to download onto his iPhone.

The new accounting program at work is so poorly designed it can irritech even the biggest geek.

It was irriteching as hell when the Blue Screen of Death appeared on my laptop just as I was about to show some producers the film clip of my new documentary.
by Doe Ray July 30, 2009
A state of annoyance produced by other people's tactless use of technology.
I was so teched off when I saw Ben texting as I told him about my brother's upcoming operation.

We got teched off when those morons sitting next to us at the coffee shop were both making cellphone calls and talking ridiculously loudly.

The professor was teched off when she discovered most her students were gchatting during her lectures.
by Doe Ray July 30, 2009
A state of extreme irritation caused by malfunctioning technology.
Alex felt such irritection she opened the window and threw her computer as far as she could. She smiled her first smile of the day when she heard the sound of its obliterating crash onto the sidewalk six stories down.

When she feels irritection, her lips tighten, her eyes get buggy, and she mutters some phrase with the word pecker in it.

Theo felt intense irritection after spending three fruitless hours trying to sync his iPod with his new Blackberry.
by Doe Ray July 30, 2009

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