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Slang word originally deriving from Kisuaheli, referring to a person who will never give namelocks if asked for.
Better don't ask that Faerwynn for a namelock, he won't fall for stupid tricks.
by doe February 04, 2004
1. young intellectual, who is goodlooking, charming and has everything a woman needs.

2. guy who breaks hearts without knowing
Dude, you are such a fems... yuhave Jessy and Mindy fighting over you.
by Doe November 28, 2004
a jail bait; a (usually good looking) female who is below the legal age.
I hate that club! all the good looking girls there are juvies, only if were 10 years younger .
by Doe December 14, 2004
A nickname given to those skilled with a sniper rifle in online gaming.
That guys a damn Rooster. I'm like a deer in his scope.
by Doe April 02, 2005
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