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3 definitions by Dodders

(verb - wogging)
(noun - to wog) When you're really fucking buzzing, and you just go into a bare chill...
Nick: I'm wogging to fuck mate

Parmie: saaaaaaafe. I'm about to wog

Matt: I'm all wogged out

Jools: wwwwooooooooooooogggggggggg!!!

Rich: this joint has got me bare wogging
by Dodders May 09, 2008
a slang term for cocaine
Buzz: got any wogan, mate?

Gav: let's chalk up another line of wogan!
by Dodders May 31, 2008
(noun) Jalla - slang term for a jalapeno.

(plural) Jalla's
Subway worker: would you like anything else on that, sir?

Ed: gimme some bare jalla's man

Tony *while eating subway*: I've just hit jalla's city...
by Dodders May 13, 2008