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1 definition by Doctorista

Permission to treat people like shit without the unfortunate backlash of physical pain that possibly comes with treating complete strangers like shit.
Friend: Hey faggot, what's up?
Friend B: Not much. What about you? Still like taking it up the ass? I'm going to buy this book off you, but I don't have the money now, so I'll pay for it later. And by later I mean never.
Friend: Cool. I'm just going to play my music obnoxiously loudly in the other room and deprive you of any NOTION of a good night's sleep, and I don't have to care about your feelings about it because we're friends and we're always cool with each other. I mean, if you aren't cool with it, you're kind of an asshole.
Friend and friend B: FRIENDSHIP IS AWESOME

"We hurt the ones we love the most."-Some hermit
by Doctorista February 07, 2009