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3 definitions by DoctorSteve

Killing oneself by jumping off a bridge in Ithaca, New York usually because of Cornell University's crushing work load. The bridges cross the deep gorges that border campus. Use of term is highly discouraged by the Cornell University administration.
I'm failing all my courses! I'll never be a doctor now! I want to gorge out.
by DoctorSteve August 27, 2006
a term used by the younger generation Z to indicate everything is ok.
ie, everything is chill.
this term evolves from the other word, "cool" ,
which was used by people like their parents
and obviously they cant use this word due to it being outdated and not chill.
Q what are you doin tonite ?
A nothin just chillin.
which means just "coolin out".
by doctorsteve February 08, 2014
Medical slang, but can be used anywhere: Means: You're on your own. Used in a hospital on the day of discharge as in the phrase "OOB,OTD, YOYO" : Out of Bed, Out the Door, You're on your own. Can be used by parents of colleged aged kids, or by someone breaking up with someone else. .
I've had it with you, YOYO!
by DoctorSteve September 12, 2006