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The seemingly magical ability of plain and or homely female Japanese expatriates to capture the hearts of Caucasian or African-American males. There has been some speculation that Jap Magic is actually a viral pathogen created by Unit 731, the biological warfare program of the Imperial Japanese Army. In 1943, as it became clear Japan was losing the war, Emperor Hirohito, fearing the extinction of the Japanese race, ordered Unit 731 to develop a program to ensure the genetic survival of the Japanese. The results of this mandate is Jap Magic. It is suspected that Jap Magic has mutated into several strains, the broader - Yellow Fever strain and perhaps more surprisingly, the deadly strain that infects primarily African-American males - Fat White Chick Fever.
"What's up with that John Lennon - Yoko Ono thing...."
"Hah - that's a classic and sad case of Jap Magic"
#jap magic #unit 731 #yellow fever #virus #biological warfare
by Doctor Yamamoto October 28, 2009
1). To have sex with a negro
2). To have anal sex
3). Penis augmentation surgery with the intent of creating a franken negroid like cock
1). Paul browned his meat in Keisha

2). Dude - who'd you brown your meat in? Your dick tastes like shit!

3). 'Oh Bruce! I love what you did with your wiener! Did Dr. Johnson Brown your meat? It's so big and sexy now...you know how i love dark meat....gurp'
#pooper #anal #bbc #jap magic #inter-rational #mandingo #yeast infection #love connection #baby jesus
by doctor yamamoto August 25, 2010
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