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When the poo pressure inside your anus comes flying out so hard that it hurts your sphincter and produces a sound like a dog barking.
Quit fart barking so close to my head!

I'm gonna have to go sit on the toilet and fart bark.

I just fart Barked so hard, I need to blot.
by Doctor Ramshackle February 10, 2011
Slang for hands. In reference to grabbing or touching male genitals violently or aggressively.
Wash your cock wrenches

Keep your cock wrenches off my samich!

Look at the cock wrenches on her! I Bet she's got a kung fu grip!
by Doctor Ramshackle February 10, 2011
A flying maneuver performed by a sweaty DJ. why is he so sweaty? Nobody really knows. Maybe he's rollin'. Also see Dick sits revenge.
Did you see that flying 360 Dick sit he just did?
by Doctor Ramshackle February 10, 2011
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