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as in "Mr. Bigglesworth"

- name of Dr. Evil's hairless cat companion (from Austin Powers movies)
"Look what you did to Mr. Bigglesworth!"
by Doctor Livingstone May 14, 2005
Wicked, cool band from Canada

Great simple lyrics and catchy tunes and beats.

The band members are down to earth - great representatives of the Canadian way.
The Bare Nake Ladies sing "If I had a million dollars".
by Doctor Livingstone May 14, 2005
Geocoins are custom minted and individually numbered coins that are designed to provide geocachers with a collectable, tradable and trackable cache items that are unique to geocaching worldwide, but with a Canadian flair.
Hey, I found a geocoin in this geocache today.
by Doctor Livingstone May 14, 2005
a fern that grows in the Northeast and Canada. Grows along riverbanks. A delicacy in springtime in Eastern Canada. When the fern is young, and ready for picking, it looks like the head of a violin or fiddle.
Whip up some fiddleheads with butter on them.
by Doctor Livingstone May 14, 2005
- universal dating scheme used in the popular Star Trek series'
Captains Log, Stardate 47410.2
by Doctor Livingstone May 16, 2005
Newfoundland speak for "Here it is."
Ya know that document you were lookin' fer, well here she be.
by Doctor Livingstone May 19, 2005
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