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Internet slang usually seen in message boards and chat rooms. It is often found at the end of a question and used to find out if anyone is there and reading what you write. The word comes from the method of poking something with a stick to see if it is still alive.
Hey, is anybody there? (poke poke)
by Doctor Fishopoulis November 17, 2003
A german chess word meaning time pressure, or literally "time emergency". If you are playing a timed chess game and you are very close to having used up your entire allowed time for the game, you have a zeitnot on your hands.
Even thinking about a zeitnot causes me to blunder :(
by Doctor Fishopoulis September 12, 2006
The roundabout way you have to convince certain stoners of things. Common tactics include using their delusions against them, inductive leaps, and citing universally held stoner beliefs.
Stoner: Woooo! I am mighty!
Neighbor: Dude thinks he can fly. Don't argue, or he'll jump to prove it.
Friend: What am I supposed to say?
Neighbor: Dunno. Use stoner logic.
Friend: Hey Lawrence! Where's your cape and mask, man?
Stoner: Oh shit! Um...
Friend: Lawrence, get your ass back in the house before everyone knows your secret identity!
Stoner: Shhh! I'm goin'! Quite sayin' my name!
Neighbor: Well played.
by Doctor Fishopoulis February 20, 2007
This is a way of cheating at video games. Basically, the player backs up game files (usually savegame files) and then restores them after dying. The result is that the player never really dies and beats the game much more quickly, taking much of the fun out of the game. As far as I know, this originated in the rec.games.roguelike.nethack newsgroup.
From the rec.games.rougelike.nethack newsgroup: "You should be aware, however, that there is a general consensus that savescumming is actually detrimental to the development of proper playing skills"
by Doctor Fishopoulis June 22, 2005
A snitch or informant. A person who gossips about someone or who gives information about them to authorities, often in exchange for something.
"We were followed. A few seconds after we dropped off our local stringer on a street corner, he was grabbed and hustled into a car by three men working for one of the cartels." -- from an NPR Morning Edition story on Michoacan drug violence
by Doctor Fishopoulis September 21, 2006
Eyes that roll around in your head. Often found on dolls, muppets, etc. You can buy a box of them at most craft stores in varying sizes. This word was used on Sesame Street.
My god, look at that crazy drunk pirate's googalie eye!
by Doctor Fishopoulis March 31, 2004
used by gamers trying to break speed records for completing levels on video games, this is act of saving up new personal records and then submitting them all at once to a rankings site for a huge jump in the standings
"After a planned whoarding session, Paragon, Expert, Sucram, Darkestmatt, Wabs and Shock all release their saved strats from the last two weeks. PD0 total time falls over two minutes in one day."
by Doctor Fishopoulis February 21, 2005

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