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When a man with a limp dick tries to give anal to a woman or another man,trying to stuff his flaccid penis into the asshole.
Dude I totally wasn't getting hard for this fat bitch last night,so I just gave her a soggy potato.
by DocChase June 21, 2010
The condition a females vagina is in after not showering for at least a week. Commonly found in females in the military.
Man we were out in the field for 2 weeks and Mary finally showed me her clingy peaches.I nearly threw up!
by DocChase June 21, 2010
When two men in 69 position jack each other off while moterboating each others balls.Whoever cums first is the Tugboat Race winner.
Ick!I just walked in on Steve and Rodney engaged in a Tugboat Race.It looked like Steve was winning.
by DocChase June 21, 2010
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